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Injector nozzle malfunction


Before giving information about injector nozzle malfunction, what is an injector malfunction? We have to answer this question. The injector is a system that has become widespread in 1990 and above 9 model vehicles and will be used in almost all new vehicles.

The operating systems are the same for all fuel types. The main task of the injector is to ensure the optimum fuel passage to the cylinders. If the vehicle is automatic, it injects fuel according to the driving mode, if it is manual, according to the driving type.

Injector Nozzle Malfunction

It is necessary to examine the hoses in the systems in order to understand the malfunctions in the injectors. By tightening the hoses one by one with pliers or a similar tool, you can see if they are malfunctioning. When you tighten the hose, you can prevent the gas from passing to the engine. Meanwhile, the cylinder to which the hose is connected will not work. You can understand this from the sound the vehicle will make.


If you do not see any change in sound during this time, we can indicate that the system is already malfunctioning. Apart from that, you can understand whether the system is malfunctioning or not without checking the hose.

Inoperative injector system will cause performance decrease to the vehicle. You can easily understand whether the system is malfunctioning or not from the change in engine and running noise.