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Warranty Process


The customer who purchase products deemed to have accepted the following conditions.


To start the warranty or diagnostic process one must send a Warranty Claim or Diagnostics Report form to [email protected] To do so, firstly, you have to download the form that suits your situation and fill in the blanks. Next, we are going to examine and evaluate your claim. Then we will respond to you if the claim is valid and if you may proceed by sending it. From the time of delivery it usually takes us 1-3 business days to send you a report.



Download Warranty Claim Form


Download Diagnostic Report

If the warranty is:
  • Accepted – we will repair the product and send it back to you.

  • Rejected – we will send you repair costs and if you agree we will proceed by repairing.
Keep in mind to describe the problem and provide any information that you may have.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] for any questions.

Installation & Warranty

In order to obtain the best performance from a remanufactured product and ensure that it still has a long life, we provide our customers with technical information, installation guidelines, coding, handling and methods of use for each individual product we have remanufactured or spare parts produced.


Warranty Exclusions

Each regenerated product has a warranty period, described in the sales specifications. In order to avoid compromising the warranty, it is important that the instructions and guidelines described in our general terms and in the various product instructions issued by us are respected.