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How many injectors are there in the car?


When we consider the most important parts of the engine, one of the first things that will come to mind is actually injectors. It is important to use qualified fuels for these parts. Injectors blocked against poor quality fuels cause great financial expenses to their users. In general, the number of injectors in cars is different according to the engine size. There may be 4 injectors in cars, 6, 8 injectors vary according to different car types, construction equipment, etc.

The thing to do to prevent injector malfunctions is to clean the injectors regularly. If the vehicle is gasoline, it is necessary to clean the injector at 40,000 km, if it is diesel, between 25,000 km and 30,000 km.

Injector cleaning prices generally range from 80 to 120 TL. Before the fuel tank is completely finished, filling your tank with fuel will eliminate the problems that will occur. Apart from this, it is a very important point for vehicles with diesel engines not to disrupt the regular maintenance of the vehicles and to extend the life of injectors.