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Sales Agreement

1.0 General


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AYB ULUSLARARASI TICARET VE TASIMACILIK A.S.TermsandConditions of Sale. Latestamendmentmade on: 30/10/2016.

1.1 Terminology of thesetermsandconditions:

"Buyer" is thepersonorpersonsplacing an orderincludingtradeorbusinesspurchases.


"Goods", "Services" or "Items" aretheproductsandservices AYB statestosupplytotheBuyer in accordancewiththesetermsandconditions.

"Order" is theBuyerindicatingtomake a monetarypayment in exchangefor a goodor service.

"Purchase" is theexchange of monetarypaymenttothe Seller.

"Dispatch" is thegoodor service leavingtheBuyerunderagreedterms.

"Contract of sale" or "Sale" is theBuyerand Seller agreeingtoexchange an itemor service for a monetaryvalue.

1.2 Thesetermsandconditionsapplytoallgoodsandservicesofferedandsoldby AYB ULUSLARARASI TICARET VE TASIMACILIK A.S.hereinafterreferredto as AYB orthe Seller tothepersonorpersonswhoplaces an order of thegoodsorservices, hereinafterreferredto as theBuyer.

1.3 Byplacing an orderwith AYB via aybreman.com, an online service ownedby AYB oranyothercompanyownedby AYB online and offline, theBuyeragreestoalltermsandconditions of sale. It is theresponsibility of theBuyertoacknowledgeandunderstandthesetermsandconditionsbeforecompletinganypurchaseswith AYB.

1.4 The Seller reservesallrightstoamendthesetermsandconditions at any time, thelatestdate of amendmentswill be stated in 1.0 of thetermsandconditions.

1.5 TheBuyer'sstatuaryrightswill not be affectedbythesetermsandconditions.

1.6 Thecontract of salebetweentheBuyerand Seller willonly be formedonce an item has beendispatched.

1.7 TheBuyer'sorder of an itemindicatestheBuyer'sintentiontomake a purchase of an itemor service fromthe Seller anddoes not represent an actualsale. Once an purchaseorder has beenreceived, the Seller reservesallrightstoacceptandsupplythegoodor service ordeclinetheorderandmake a fullrefund of anypaymentsmade.

1.7.1 Receipt of payment is not an indication of an offerbeingacceptedbythe Seller.

1.7.2 Receipt of an orderconfirmation is not an indication of an orderorpurchasebeingacceptedbythe Seller.

1.8 AYB reservestherighttodeclineanyordermadebytheBuyeruntiltheitem has beendispatched.

1.9 AYB willendeavourtoprovide a purchaseditemtotheBuyerwithin an advertised time frame. Howeverthe Seller cannot be heldresponsibleforanyunforeseendelays in providing a goodor service withintheadvertised time framenoranycostsincurredtotheBuyer as a result of this.

2.0 Payment

2.1 Orderswill not be processedbythe Seller untiltheBuyer has paidforthepurchaseditem in full.

2.2 Inthecase of itemsbeingdispatchedbefore a fullpayment is made, AYB retainstitle of saiditems.

2.3 Inthecase of a paymentbeingwithdrawnbytheBuyerfollowingthedispatch of an itempurchased, AYB willseektorecovertheitemsortheequivalentmonetaryvalue of theitemsplusexpenses. Interestwill be charged at a rate of 8% abovethe Bank of Englandbaserates.

2.4 Byusing a credit/ debitcardtomakepaymentfor an order, theBuyerconfirmsthattheyaretheauthorisedowneranduser of thecard.

2.5 Allcredit/ debitcardpaymentsaresubjecttovalidationchecksandapprovedauthorisationbythecardissuer. Inthecase of a declinedauthorisationbythecardissuer,AYB willcanceltheBuyer'sorder.

2.6 AYB  does not acceptresponsibilityforanychargesleviedbythecardissueror bank as a result of processingtheBuyerscredit/ debitcardduringpayment in accordancewiththeBuyersinstructions.

2.7 AYB will not acceptpaymentsequaltoorexceeding £1000.00 byphone. Paymentsequaltoorexceeding £1000.00 willneedto be madeviaPayPalor bank transfer.


3.0 aybreman.com ItemListing Information

3.1 Theinformationdisplayed on AYB  listingsaresuppliedbytheitemsmanufacturer. AYB does not acceptresponsibilityforanyinaccuracieswiththis data. Theitemsfittinginstructionstakeprecedence.

 3.2 AYB  has therighttoalteroramenditemspecifics at any time withoutgivingnotice.


4.0 Pricing

4.1 Theprice of a goodor service will be takenfromthe time anddate of thelisting on aybreman.comwhen an orderorpurchasewasmadeunlessconflictedwith 4.3 of thetermsandconditions.

4.2 Allpricesinclude VAT at thestatutory rate forthedate an order is made.

4.3 Inthecase of an item'spricebeingincorrectlyadvertisedby AYB, theBuyerwill be notifiedandreservestherighttocontinuewiththeorder at thecorrectedpriceorcanceltheorderfor a fullrefund.

4.4 AYB  will not be obligedtosupplythegoodsorservices at an incorrectprice.

 4.5 AYB has therighttoalteroramenditemprices at any time withoutgivingnotice.


5.0 PriceBeatingPolicy

5.1 AYB endeavourtocheckpricesagainstcompetitorstoensurecheapestprice is availabletotheBuyer.

5.2 Inthecase of a competitoradvertising a likeforlikeproduct at a lowerprice, the Seller willaimtooffertheBuyer a lowerprice.

5.2.1 Likeforlikeproductsofferedbythecompetitormust be in thesamecondition as theSeller'sproductandavailable in stock.

5.2.2 Brandeditemsmust be thesame model andbythesamemanufacturer.

5.2.3 Nonebrandedorownbrandeditemswill be pricebeaten at theSellersdiscretion.

5.3 TheBuyermustcontact AYB beforemakinganypurchases in orderforPriceBeatingto be considered.

5.3.1 TheBuyer can contact AYB, emailortelephoneorwrittenletter.

5.3.2 TheBuyermustprovidethedetails of thecompetitor'sitem in orderforPriceBeatingto be considered.

5.4 PriceBeating is not guaranteed. AYB reservestherightstodeclineanyPriceBeatingrequest.

5.5 PriceBeatingdoes not applytoanycompanies, websitesordepartmentsownedby AYB ULUSLARARASI TICARET VE TASIMACILIK A.S.

5.6 PriceBeatingdoes not applytoanyservicesprovidedby AYB i.e. Fittingorcoding.