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Sales Agreement

1.0 General


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AYB ULUSLARARASI TICARET VE TASIMACILIK A.S. Terms and Conditions of Sale. Latest amendment made on: 30/10/2016.

1.1 Terminology of these terms and conditions:

"Buyer" is the person or persons placing an order including trade or business purchases.


"Goods", "Services" or "Items" are the products and services AYB states to supply to the Buyer in accordance with these terms and conditions.

"Order" is the Buyer indicating to make a monetary payment in exchange for a good or service.

"Purchase" is the exchange of monetary payment to the Seller.

"Dispatch" is the good or service leaving the Buyer under agreed terms.

"Contract of sale" or "Sale" is the Buyer and Seller agreeing to exchange an item or service for a monetary value.

1.2 These terms and conditions apply to all goods and services offered and sold by AYB ULUSLARARASI TICARET VE TASIMACILIK A.S. hereinafter referred to as AYB or the Seller to the person or persons who places an order of the goods or services, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer.

1.3 By placing an order with AYB via aybreman.com, an online service owned by AYB or any other company owned by AYB online and offline, the Buyer agrees to all terms and conditions of sale. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to acknowledge and understand these terms and conditions before completing any purchases with AYB.

1.4 The Seller reserves all rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time, the latest date of amendments will be stated in 1.0 of the terms and conditions.

1.5 The Buyer's statuary rights will not be affected by these terms and conditions.

1.6 The contract of sale between the Buyer and Seller will only be formed once an item has been dispatched.

1.7 The Buyer's order of an item indicates the Buyer's intention to make a purchase of an item or service from the Seller and does not represent an actual sale. Once an purchase order has been received, the Seller reserves all rights to accept and supply the good or service or decline the order and make a full refund of any payments made.

1.7.1 Receipt of payment is not an indication of an offer being accepted by the Seller.

1.7.2 Receipt of an order confirmation is not an indication of an order or purchase being accepted by the Seller.

1.8 AYB reserves the right to decline any order made by the Buyer until the item has been dispatched.

1.9 AYB will endeavour to provide a purchased item to the Buyer within an advertised time frame. However the Seller cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen delays in providing a good or service within the advertised time frame nor any costs incurred to the Buyer as a result of this.

2.0 Payment

2.1 Orders will not be processed by the Seller until the Buyer has paid for the purchased item in full.

2.2 In the case of items being dispatched before a full payment is made, AYB retains title of said items.

2.3 In the case of a payment being withdrawn by the Buyer following the dispatch of an item purchased, AYB will seek to recover the items or the equivalent monetary value of the items plus expenses. Interest will be charged at a rate of 8% above the Bank of England base rates.

2.4 By using a credit/ debit card to make payment for an order, the Buyer confirms that they are the authorised owner and user of the card.

2.5 All credit/ debit card payments are subject to validation checks and approved authorisation by the card issuer. In the case of a declined authorisation by the card issuer,AYB will cancel the Buyer's order.

2.6 AYB  does not accept responsibility for any charges levied by the card issuer or bank as a result of processing the Buyers credit/ debit card during payment in accordance with the Buyers instructions.

2.7 AYB will not accept payments equal to or exceeding £1000.00 by phone. Payments equal to or exceeding £1000.00 will need to be made via PayPal or bank transfer.


3.0 aybreman.com Item Listing Information

3.1 The information displayed on AYB  listings are supplied by the items manufacturer. AYB does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies with this data. The items fitting instructions take precedence.

 3.2 AYB  has the right to alter or amend item specifics at any time without giving notice.


4.0 Pricing

4.1 The price of a good or service will be taken from the time and date of the listing on aybreman.comwhen an order or purchase was made unless conflicted with 4.3 of the terms and conditions.

4.2 All prices include VAT at the statutory rate for the date an order is made.

4.3 In the case of an item's price being incorrectly advertised by AYB, the Buyer will be notified and reserves the right to continue with the order at the corrected price or cancel the order for a full refund.

4.4 AYB  will not be obliged to supply the goods or services at an incorrect price.

 4.5 AYB has the right to alter or amend item prices at any time without giving notice.

5.0 Price Beating Policy

5.1 AYB endeavour to check prices against competitors to ensure cheapest price is available to the Buyer.

5.2 In the case of a competitor advertising a like for like product at a lower price, the Seller will aim to offer the Buyer a lower price.

5.2.1 Like for like products offered by the competitor must be in the same condition as the Seller's product and available in stock.

5.2.2 Branded items must be the same model and by the same manufacturer.

5.2.3 None branded or own branded items will be price beaten at the Sellers discretion.

5.3 The Buyer must contact AYB before making any purchases in order for Price Beating to be considered.

5.3.1 The Buyer can contact AYB, email or telephone or written letter.

5.3.2 The Buyer must provide the details of the competitor's item in order for Price Beating to be considered.

5.4 Price Beating is not guaranteed. AYB reserves the rights to decline any Price Beating request.

5.5 Price Beating does not apply to any companies, websites or departments owned by AYB ULUSLARARASI TICARET VE TASIMACILIK A.S.

5.6 Price Beating does not apply to any services provided by AYB i.e. Fitting or coding.