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Brand: Perkins
Description: 2645A742 PK2645A742 Injector with new Trim Cd
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 2645A742 PK2645A742 
Interchange Part Numbers: 2645A703 2645A704 2645A708 2645A473  PK2645A703 PK2645A704 PK2645A708 PK2645A473
Remanufactured Part Numbers: 2645A742R PK2645A742R 2645A703R 2645A704R 2645A708R 2645A473R  PK2645A703R PK2645A704R PK2645A708R PK2645A473R
Cross Reference Numbers:3211080 321-1080 10R7667 10R-7667 2572500 257-2500 2664434 266-4434 2768280 276-8280 2820480 282-0480 2897500 289-7500 2939580 293-9580
Region of Manufacturer:  Usa
Condition Perkins New / Perkins Remanufactured / AYB Reman
Manufacturer: Perkins
Re-manufacturer: Perkins / AYB Reman
Compatibility :  Perkins 1106D Engine
Warranty: 1 Year (q.v. Warranty Policy)
Packing: Perkins Packing / OE Packing
General Information: We assign a unique calibration code to every Injector we re-manufacture, as per the OE spec.  
Only with a new code, will the ECU know how to perform and can make the relevant adjustments.